Which countertop is the best option?


Appropriately furnished and equipped kitchen will cost from a few to tens thousands of dollars. In addition to household appliances and furniture, kitchen countertop plays the most important role.

Countertops can be made of different materials. The choice is often dictated by price, without taking into consideration its durability, material structure, the influence of temperature, or contact with various substances. The choice of kitchen countertop should  be determined not only by price. Consider the kitchen style and utility function. If we are not fans of cooking and only brew coffee and make scrambled eggs, durability does not necessarily play a main role. However, if we prepare daily meals and have kids, it is better to buy a countertop that is made of durable material, rather than buy the new one, after couple years of use. So which countertop is the right option?



soapstone countertop

Durable, resistant to heat and chemicals, also used in laboratories but the  price is relatively high – from $ 80 to $ 100 per square foot, but it is an lifetime.


granite countertop

Durable natural stone, a very popular material for kitchen countertops, because of the wide range of colors and possibilities customizable finishes. Price from $ 50 per square foot.


marbel countertop

Marble, softer than granite is more exposed to damages and color  changes. Requires more attention and care but proper maintenance can help prevent from staining. Price from $ 70 to $ 100 per square foot.

Plastic laminate

laminate countertops

If you’re not a fan of cooking or you want to do a quick and inexpensive kitchen redecoration,  laminate countertop will meets your expectations. It is durable but cheap and available in a wide range of colors. Price from $ 8 to $ 20 per square foot.


wood countertop

Wooden countertops will create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen. Look great in industrial kitchens or those in Scandinavian style, often combined with white kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep clean. Wood is also not heat resistant and can be easily damaged. You have to take care about wooden countertop and regularly impregnate it. Price depends on the type of wood – the most expensive but on the other hand, the most durable countertops are made of exotic wood – such as teak.


concrete countertops

Concrete looks great in a modern, minimalist interiors, perfectly matches with wood or osb board. Due to pigments, stains and dyes concrete can get different color and texture. Unfortunately it is not the cheapest material. Price minimum of $ 100 per square foot solid surface.

Stainless steel

stainless steel countertop

Essential finish of professional kitchen, for ease of cleaning and heat resistance, but does not necessarily suitable for  everyday use and kids’ cooking engagement. If you do not mind fingerprints, scratch marks and will not cook a lot , you can choose this type of countertop. Price per square meter in comparison to other materials is reasonable – 80 to $ 90 per square foot.

Solid surface

corian countertop

This type of countertop appears to be the most practical. It is resistant to damages and high temperature, available in wide range of colors, imitates natural stone. It is the only countertop that can have a seamless finish and has ability to take any look. There are many manufacturers of synthetic counters, including Dupont Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Wilsonart, Formica, Durata, Staron and Livingstone. Price ranges from $50 to $100 dollars.