Veiled Lady Lamps by Damien Gernay

Damien Gernay 2013

Another example of fabulous design imitating nature. Brussels designer Damien Gernay has created the collection of lamps – table, floor light and chandelier inspired by mushroom, commonly called veiled lady.From designer:

This project take advantage of the lost wax casting technique, each piece is sculpted by hand in a wax grid, moulded in a ceramic shell, and casted in bronze. That allows creating Polymorphic objects only influence by the gesture. This experimental research explores the idea of constraint nature, or how nature find his own way in a predefined structure, I call this organic anarchy.

Damien Gernay 2013 Damien Gernay 2013Damien Gernay 2013 Damien Gernay 2013 veiled lady lamp 6