Ultra modern triplex apartment

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This ultra modern apartment converted from triplex into single family house, located in Sao Paulo, was designed by architect Guto Requena. This design is full of saturated colours combined with very modern materials such as concrete and wood.

The entry is located on the second floor. The large open space that was created from previous kitchen, living room and two bedrooms, is beutiful kitchen with awsome dining area. I really like dining table that becomes part of the building structure.  Every joint and angle was carefully measured and crafted with the final result being part table, part building, and part sculpture. Made of concrete, the table is a peninsula design that is situated on a wood floor. Just beside the dining area is a purple infused kitchen complete with island. The concrete floor and ceiling offer a neutral statement of texture next to the bold colours of kitchen cabintes. This place is full of life and energy.

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To third level leads up the spiral staircase. To reach it, you should step up on a platform, where is enough place for small swiming pool. The spiral staircase leads up to a private terrace where are beautiful lush plants and two baroque, tangerine chairs. Adjoining the terrace is the guest room. The room offers a space of complete privacy from the rest of the home as well as spectacular views.


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The main privat area is located on first level. The surroundings are much more cozy then the upper two levels. There is a lot of wood which is a dominant material. A deep comfy sofa loaded with pillows creates an inviting place to rest. Behind the sofa is the office area, which can be hidden by a series of wall panels. Behind the hidden office is the Master Bedroom. A second, smaller kitchen offers a place to prepare meals for more intimate settings. A concrete island is multi purpose. A modular 6-panel system closes the kitchen off of the space, or opens it up.

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