Traffic light countdown display

traffic light countdown display

Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic has designed Eko light, which incorporates a circular, visual countdown timer wrapped around the red light. Stankovic’s idea, though, is that rather than enable quicker green-light launches, the countdown light would serve to de-stress drivers by providing them feedback of exactly how much longer they’ll have to wait.

Mr Stankovic claimed the device would reduce stress felt by drivers and could even help the environment. He said: ‘Since you know exactly how long you have to wait you can sit back and clear your head for a while. No need to keep your foot on the gas. Relax.’

  • Torsten Adair

    Gentlemen, start your engines!

    Here in NYC, we have countdowns on the pedestrian signals, letting people know how much time is left to cross the street.

    This countdown light… is a bad idea, as people will treat it as a drag race, not noticing cross traffic, or pedestrians in the intersection.
    Or drivers approaching this light won’t stop at all, but will try to time their speed so they reach the intersection just as the lamp turns green.
    As for placing it on the green lamp? Well, that’s what the middle amber light is for… “caution, stop!”

    What problem is this light trying to fix? What’s broken?
    Oh, right, “stress”. Yes, relax. Let your mind wander… forget you’re in a 2-ton metal box which can easily dismember and kill in an instant while you’re daydreaming. Don’t be vigilant of the traffic around you, the pedestrian on the corner, the kid playing in the front yard, the speed you’re driving.

    Geez… you can’t handle waiting a few minutes for the light to change?
    A light which changes at the same speed over and over? A driver instinctively knows when the light will change.
    If that causes you stress, you shouldn’t be driving. Grab a taxi. Or a bus. Or move a small town with stop signs instead of stoplights.