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A modern home from 20’s in Netherlands

This home located in Bloemendaal at the Dutch coast was built in the 1920′s. Although it was renovated, there are still oryginal elements such as staircase. All interior is kept modern and simple but thanks to wooden floor and some rustic decoration like old bench, dinig table and stools it’s warm. I really like the pendant Shaddy Tree lamp with forest print in the kids room. The Shady …

Modern interiors can be cozy

Although I’m fed up wit modern interior design, I really like this stunning apartment in Singapure. I love its warm materials and the texture, wood wall and the colours of nature. The main decor for this space is unique, wool carpet. This combination of natural  materials makes whole interior very soft, cozy and comfortable. I’d love to spent whole autumn in such living room.

How to make a cozy warm interior

Oposit to modern, white spaces is the idea of warm interiors. A fireplace warms the interior immediately, but, when lacking it, nice warm colors and a dozen of pillows work very well instead. Remember to cover the floor. I love the Indian and Pakistan rugs. Play with the texture –  the contrast provides richness and warmth. Get  a comfy armchair – velevet chesterfield is the great  option, …