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Analog Memory Desk

The Analog Memory Desk is an excellent desk concept imagined by designer Kristen Camara, including a scrolling roll of paper, to keep track of all your ideas, sketches, scribbles and doodles! You will just need to turn the cranks when you have no more empty space to continue drawing.

The Abyss Table by Duffy London

This awsome  Abyss Table has been designed by Duffy London. The clever and beautifully executed design mimics the depths of the ocean with a 3-D representation of a geological cross-section re-creating a mesmeric abyss.

Dining table ideas

Dining tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Playing games, helping with homework or just lingering after a meal. Look at some beautiful dining tables in lots of styles and find what suits your taste.  

Angkor table by Olivier Dollé

Paris-based Olivier Dollé has designed a coffee table, dining table and writing desk called Angkor. A multiplex birch wood structure veneered in black dyed wood table. It’s leaning leg imitates a natural branch motion and is veneered in oak as is the branch table top.