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Minimalist staircase, Milan

Italian architects Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani came up with a minimalist staircase design to enrich the overall look of an old dwelling. This unconventional staircase project is part of Casa C, a recently renovated house in Milan.

Amazing staircase in School of Arts, France

This is a beautiful stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France, designed by Tétrarc Architects. This sculptural stairs shows the artistic elements in this School of Arts in unique and beautiful design. It has colorful lines that construct its surface. The steps colored in white, give a modern looking to this stairs.

Organic-shaped wooden stairs

This amazing staircase, designed by Atmos for a London apartment, is the winner of the 2013 UK Wood Award. The staircase is actually part of a bigger wooden structure that creates a room in a room. Layers of wood spiral are cut slightly to create a built-in shelf structure at its lower part, and to give access to the room-in-a-room at its top part.

10 smart ideas for staircase in home

  No matter how much place you own, staircase always takes you some place in home. here is list of 10 very creative and ususual staircase design. Some of them can be used as a storage for different items especially books. Others are part of furniture or independent piece that really catches the eye.

Spiral staircase made from chunky wood

A spiralling stack of chunky wooden blocks forms this staircase designed by architecture studio QC for an apartment in Poland. The blocks are glued together and connected with steel rods, plus some have been anchored to the wall with additional rods. To give each block a unique worn appearance, they were poured by water over the wood and then dried out in a kiln so the the material would expand and crack. The staircase …