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45 sqm apartment

This beautiful, feminie apartment is only 45 sqm (480 sq.ft) designed by INT2 Architecture is a great example, how to utilise such a small space and  create functional zones within a particular style frame that are both practical and easy to the eye. Unfortunatelly those pictures are only 3d renderings.

Amazing small apartemt with great storage possibilities

One of the problem of highy  populated and fashionable city district is the raising costs of property by the square meter. Young people often deal with problem – living in suburbs and having large livings space or just stay in city center and occupy small apartement. Denis Svirid, Ukrainian designer has formed in answer to cramped situation amazing apartemnt with timber walls and snug storage cubbies in Odessa.

Hollywood cabin of Vincent Kartheiser

This apartment belongs to Vincent Kartheiser. He lives in a tiny 580 sq. apartment designed by Funn Roberts. The cabin was designed with a “Japanese-industrial” look in mind. You can find here all you need – suspended bed, open shower space, dining table, vintage teak kitchen and ofcourse eames lounge chair. Do we really need large space to live and feel comfortable?

How to give the rooms the most of natural lights

This small apartment, located in Paris, has been designed by September architects. The great challange was to find a solution of giving the rooms the natural light. This reconverted industrial space is long and thin, with windows on one side only and the main task was to bring the generous light from the living area into the other spaces. 

How to design stunning micro apartment

The more space you have the more things you put into, but how about designing a very small apartment? There is definitely no place for things that you don’t need but it’s really possible to design very stylish, modern unclutterd space. Just look at the interior, designed by polish 3AX studio. This apartment,  located in Wroclaw, Poland is only 312 square feet (29 m2).