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Modern cottage house, Spain

Spanish architects Josemaria de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo have built themselves a rural retreat with wooden walls, projecting terraces, and a brilliant yellow door and chimney. Four Seasons House is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Madrid. 

Da house by Igor Sirotov

This house designed by Ukrainian designer Igor Sirotov is located on the Black Sea. He had used a concrete and glass extensively, creating a modern home, but still very close connected to nature. Such designing idea references japanese residential architecture through its use of materials and its close relationship with nature.

Modern apartment in Berlin

This beautiful modern apartment has been designed by German interior designer and stylist Peter Fehrentz. He has cerated an interior with unexpected beauty, full of unique marvelous decors. Using a color scheme of dark hues — eggplant, charcoal, black and pink, Fehrentz has transformed a sunless, tiny roomed dwelling into an open-plan light and airy modern home.  

Maison Escalier in Paris

Maison Escalier (Stairs House) imagined and realized by Paris-based architects Jacques Moussafir. Fully glazed facade is dressed in a metallic second skin pattern plant that protects the privacy of the occupants.The facade is entirely glazed and outfitted with electronically controlled patterned steel shades that paint shadows on the interior when the sun filters through.