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Sushi Towels designed for OTOTO

These kitchen towels featuring very specific colored patterns inspired by sushi ingredients, so that when properly rolled step by step you can easily create different styles of sushi rolls in your kitchen. The sushi towels designed in a variety of different flavors (colors) to choose from and can be rolled as a regular Maki or as an inside out Maki. Designed for OTOTO.

Splash Chopping Board

Designed by Mustard, a design studio that brings a fun perspective to everyday mundane products, the “Splash Chopping Board” is cleverly designed to make it stable against the edge of the kitchen counter using the drip as an edge.

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set consists of four knives that can nest into each other’s bodies and occupy the space of just a single block when put away. Designed by Mia Schmallenbach for Deglon, it won first prize at the 5th European Cutlery Design Award.