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Suurpi House Extension

This house extension designed by Arhitektid Muru & Pere  is part of the one-storey private house designed a while back. The new box is covered with crisscrossed sticks that make it look like a rectangular, modern and stylish bird’s nest.

Bautiful home extension

DOSarchitecture, an architecture studio based in UK, completed this year a single-family residence, a cheerful house with a true personality in Little Venice, London. Bright and lively, it inspires elegance and comfort. The back of the house accommodates an atrium made of glass encasing the dinning room. It’s open, offering wonderful views of the garden and it’s connected to the kitchen and living room.

Garden pavilion, Brooklyn, NY

Framed garden pavilion, designed by Chris McVoy and Beth O’Neil,  has been set in contrast to the heavy masonry brownstone. The 19th century brownstone remains exactly as it was while the new pavilion, with kitchen and informal social space, sits alongside, up against the original backyard wall with no mediating connection, transforming the house’s daily use without changing its architecture. Entering the pavilion from the house’s parlor …

Living in old barn, Netherlands

Maxwan Architects designed a contemporary conversion of an old barn in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.  The clients bought and old barn and their wish was to create an open living-kitchen space, where they would be able to host their guests  and organize wine tasting sessions for their customers.

Amazing Tree House extension

London studio 6a Architects has extended the home of architecture critic Rowan Moore and his family by adding a timber structure that curves around a tree. The extension was designed to provide a new ground-floor bedroom and bathroom for the London house, which is an combination of two cottages constructed in the 1830s.