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Roll lounger, chair, mattress by Utzon Kids

Comfortable, cosy and fun, the Roll is versatility in itself – it rolls out into lots of playful shapes. So it’s great for developing the motor skills of active, imaginative kids. And because it is such a space-efficient design, it’s also perfect for busy mums and dads too.

Neotoi furniture by Roberto Giacomucci

Furniture that feels like it could come alive at any moment definitely adds interest to a living space, and the Neotoi Family of furniture by italian designer Roberto Giacomucci is brimming with personality. Each individual piece, from a side table resembling a dog to a face-shaped storage unit, is modern and minimalist yet fun to look at.

Champagne cork furniture

This unique piece of furniture is a part of a series of furniture that includes cork side tables in the champagne or wine variety. The champagne cork cage table is crafted from high grade Portuguese cork and is suitable for use both indoors and out.

Keramos cabinet by Coprodotto

Keramos is a modular container with a ceramic shell which makes it immediately recognizable, and which reminds us of the terracotta jars. Keramos is the first Coprodotto born from the cooperation between Adriano Design and La Castellamonte.