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DINN clock

Alessandro Zambelli has designed a wall clock named DINN for Diamantini&Domeniconi. Made of MDF clock comes in white and light oak. A small, unexpected bell contrasts brassily with the painted face of the timepiece.

Naturoscopie shelf by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance

Designer descriptions: This shelf takes its inspiration from basic structures found in nature. From the cell to the star and planetary systems, the universe is formed of elements in networks and interconnected materials. This design piece interprets and shows the fundamental structure of life, whether envisaged on a microscopic or macroscopic level.

Mobile by Themis Collection

I really like mobile series from the Themis Collection. Graphic designer and illustrator Clara von Zweigbergk designed this Themis Mobile for Artecnica’s latest summer collection. It is a delicate, geometric sculpture composed of five colorful, faceted ornaments. 

ColourSPACE – a wall of 12,000 pencil crayons

These beautiful and dynamic sculptures are made from an array of hundreds of pencil crayons, available in several color gradients. The vibrancy and depth create amazing optical effects that shift with the position of the viewer. Designed by blackLAB architects studio in Canada.

Imajen Exploration Tools

As we trend toward more and more use of cheap plastics and electronics in kids’ product, landfills are being flooded by synthetic and toxic materials. For example according to the EPA, over 179,000 tons of batteries end up in the landfills every year.That’s where Imajen Exploration Tools come in, incorporating several sustainability strategies, including making a one material product, using renewable resources, and promoting extended …

Gummy bears Candelier

Artist Kevin Champeny  recently designed this crazy chandelier made of 3,000 hand-cast acrylic gummy bears called the Candelier for home furnishings company Jellio. The light comes in two sizes, the largest of which actually uses 5,000 bears, is 31″ in diameter, and weighs in at about 50   lbs.