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The Abyss Table by Duffy London

This awsome  Abyss Table has been designed by Duffy London. The clever and beautifully executed design mimics the depths of the ocean with a 3-D representation of a geological cross-section re-creating a mesmeric abyss.

Toddler Table Design

  This toddler table can be used to feeding, playing and learning. When the children grow up, this table can be used as coffee table, as well as a place to put the book it! Designed by Japanese O-JJ Studio Humane Design.

Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

Minneapolis-based designer John Foster created a magnificent cocktail table, which is a magnificent fusion of glass and light reflection. A round glass tabletop is placed on a reversed pyramid of elegantly cut glass crystals, which divide the natural light into hundreds of rainbow reflections the walls.