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The Morizza Box Saga

Through carefully chosen oak real wood veneer the light version lends the Box Saga a haptics with a unique character and resembles the chromaticity of driftwood. Multiple paint layers and grinding protect the surface optimally and the wood gets a warm shade of honey. The darker version of the Box Saga consists of MDF which is ennobled / finished by multilayered paint and is hand …

The Squid cabinets

Moloform combines traditional and modern in their latest product, the Squid cabinet, with a dose of fluorescent colors. With classic legs and a modern body, Squid can either hide in plain sight in solid white or it can pop with an electric gradient of color in either yellow or magenta that fades to white.

Keramos cabinet by Coprodotto

Keramos is a modular container with a ceramic shell which makes it immediately recognizable, and which reminds us of the terracotta jars. Keramos is the first Coprodotto born from the cooperation between Adriano Design and La Castellamonte.