Stunning landscape hotel in Norway

Per Eide Studio

Juvet hotel is the first landscape hotel in Europe is situated in the farmyard of Burtigarden farm at Alstad in Valldal, on a steep, natural levee in between  birch, osp, pine and age-old boulders. This hotel designed by Jensen & Skodvin Architects impresses with its exceptional architectural concept that combines tradition with innovationIts 9 rooms are actually independent, exclusively designed units with modern, minimalist décor, and splendid views of the nature reserve outside. Overall, there are 7 cube-shaped landscape rooms with striking glass walls, and 2 suspended lodges that resemble bird nesting boxes while taking inspiration from the old Norwegian stabbur (food storehouse).

In addition, it is possible to stay in the old houses on the farm – the mill house, the shed and the old farmhouse – while food serving takes place in the old barn.

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