Sculptural Playground by Annabau in Weisbaden

annabau playground 2

It’s always great to enjoy the atmosphere of extraordinary public space. This one is a “sculptural playground” located in Weisbaden, Germany. It was conceived by architecture and landscape studio Annabau. This ambitiously shaped playground consisting of a large spatial structure. Architects designed a continuous climbing structure that winds through existing trees.  Twists and height changes of its frame not only increase the play interest, but also respond to the age of kids. The pentagonal shape of the structure is inspired by the historic shape of the city of Wiesbaden.

Within the loop there are six main stopovers for playing activities: in a liane garden the kids can climb up and down or swing in between lianes with different levels of difficulty. Rubber granulate plates, partially rotating, are supporting the climbing or simply offering a resting platform. In the lowest part of the structure, those rubber plates allow the user to pass over the net by jumping from plate to plate. annabau playground 3 annabau playground 4 annabau playground 5 annabau playground 6 annabau playground 7 annabau playground 8 annabau playground 9 annabau playground 10 annabau playground 11  annbau playground 1

annabau playground 12