Rope wall


The idea of rope wall comes from Shelly Leer’s workshop in Indianapolis. Shelly is upholster and hosts classes to teach folks the ins and outs of fixing up and reupholstering their old forlorn stuff.

In open warehouse space, Shelly wanted to define areas for various work and private “zones”. She needed areas for tools, areas for storage, an area for a personal office, a waiting area, an area to teach and work with students. Functionally, this one big room had to be used for many many purposes and still be open, accessible and of course look awesome. Because the space is rented, she had to deal with the costs. The solution was to build these vertical jute rope division walls that allowed for defined “zones” but still retained light and visibility throughout the entire space. A plus when using this type of jute rope is the added benefit of bringing in a graphic warm texture to an otherwise cold and hard industrial room.  BrickHouseRopeWall-046-copy