Portable Home ÁPH80

portable home spain 1

Brand new Project Portable Home by ÁBATON. ÁBATON has developed the ÁPH80 series as a dwelling ideal for 2 people, easily transported by road and ready to be placed almost anywhere.  It is a simple yet sturdy construction made of materials chosen to provide both comfort and balance. ÁPH80 has 3 different spaces measuring 27 sq mt (9×3): a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom and double bedroom. Its gabled roof is 3,5mts high indoors. Most of the materials can be recycled and meet the sustainable criteria that ÁBATON applies to all its projects. It blends in with the environment thanks to its large openings that bring the outdoors inside. The use of wood throughout the building not only adds calmness and balance but it is also hypoallergenic.

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