Pic Vert et Cie collection


The charming collection of small wood pieces is entirely designed by Pierre Casenove, and the creations are manufactured in the heart of the Jura Mountains. The designer Pierre Casenove, who provides the concept and creations, is always focused, in his work, on a strong link between tradition and modernity, and defends products features related to the territory. The products Pic Vert Et Cie are made of wood of local origin, like ash, oak, beech, fir, spruce.

Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_2-600x323 Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_3-600x323Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_5-600x323 Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_6-600x323 Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_7-600x323 Pic-Vert-et-Cie_design_9-600x323