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Cocoons for a cat

If you have a cat, that cocoon is  a cute nad cozy idea for making him/her a present. The cocoon is hand-made, designed by Vaiva Nat for Felt Gallery. It is made of of felted wool and is roomy enough to let the cat be ensconced from external daily distractons. It is very stylish and suits to contemporary interiors.

Fun Facts by Jana Bonsignore

I’ve just found this beutiful French Bulldos illustriation on They were drown by Jana Bonsignore – german reelance illustrator based in Hamburg. This illustartions were commissioned  for Dog Milk. Dog Milk is a Modern Dog Blog with a section called “scratch book“. Each month they are featuring an exclusive dog-themed illustration done by one of their favorite artists.

IKEA dog parking, Germany

As a dog owner, I really like such places, where I can take my friend with. Unfortunatelly urban dog-friendly areas are not very common. I think that idea of having dog parking, where the dogs are not allowed to come in, is brilliant. Just looka at a special “dog parking” section in front of IKEA store in  Köln, Germany  for  shoppers who stop in accompanied by …

Doca Pet bowls

Is those bowls designed for dog or just for human, concerned with design, who would appreciate their form? I really like the idea of products, that are simple, clean and offer an uncluttered look. Quality, design, and functionality are very important to Doca Pet, which provide  modern products for our furry friends. Each of series provides bowls in three different sizes (small, medium, large) in order rreduce stress …

Mudroom – must have amenity

Having 3 kids and JRT,  I definitely desire to have a mudroom. I hate those rainy days, when I have to wash messy paws or rain boots. Mudroom can be a fantastic place at your home not only if you have a big family. It doesn’t take much room, you have to just reorganized your home space and I think that the best place to …

Hurtta winter jackets for dogs

The summer ended, so let think about warming up our best friends during the cold waether. Did you ever try some kind of winter jackets? If no, just try the Hurtta ones. The Hurtta winter jacket is an efficient way of keeping the dog’s body temperature stable in cold weather. The winter jacket is designed to complement the thermal insulation capacity of short-haired dogs and …

Pet furniture by M.pup

M.pup is a product design brand for companion animals which made by designers, based on design studio ‘min n mun’ . A m.pup is first line of pet furniture. Cross the furniture and industrial design, mpup introduced lots of design products based on the furniture design experiences and know-how for a long time.