Pet furniture by M.pup

M.pup is a product design brand for companion animals which made by designers, based on design studio ‘min n mun’ . A m.pup is first line of pet furniture. Cross the furniture and industrial design, mpup introduced lots of design products based on the furniture design experiences and know-how for a long time.

dog sofa 6

As numbers of nuclear families are increasing, animals coexisting with people are establishing themselves as companions for everyday life. The furniture collection becomes a tool for interacting between humans and animals as residential spaces are becoming increasingly shared with household pets.

dog sofa 5 dog sofa 4 dog sofa 3 dog sofa 2

Dog Sofa works as a tool of communion between human and companion animals. Sofa is enough to stimulus animal’s curiosity through their sight. Composed of the solid ash and canvas fabric, the sofa combines a dog house into a delivery of new communal spaces for both owner and man’s best friend.

modular pet bed 1

The‘pet bed from mpup is produced with various colour and high quality fabric. Also, the outer cover of pet bed can separated and it helps users to clean the cover easily. Lining is 100% waterproof that user can cope with pet’s urine.

pet house 2 dog house sofa dog house 1

The pet house of mpup is a new conceptual pet furniture which get out from the expendables pet house. Based on sufficient research, you can use the pet house from the little puppy to adult dog. Through modulations of pet bed, a variety of design and colour of bed could be combined with pet house and has spread the consumer’s choice.