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Bike escalator, Trondheim (Norway)

Invented in the 90’s by a commuter who grew tired of showing up to work sweaty and exhausted, the Trampe lift, recently upgraded and reinvented as the CycloCable, has already carried over 200,000 bicyclists up this 150m-long cyclist deterrent. Cyclists who place one foot on the escalator’s angled platform will be pushed uphill at a speed of 5mph.

London College of Fashion’s roof terrace

London-based practice Studio Weave has just completed a new roof terrace for London College of Fashion’s gallery space, located directly behind Oxford Street in London. Made using various colours of decking timber, the herringbone pattern references Studio Weave’s own name, as well as LCF’s roots.

Tentsile Tree Tents

The Tentsile Tree Tents were conceived as a treehouse that you can take with you anywhere. They offer an incredible way for you and your friends to experience the great outdoors in style, unparalleled comfort, unrestricted by ground conditions and with increased separation from wetness, bugs and other creepies. Because the world is our playground.

DOCK IT Station for Public Areas

DOCK IT station is a modular relaxation system designed by Amodesign for public areas, shopping galleries or large halls. The system offers not only various seating modifications but it is also a place nowadays extremely sought-after since its advantage is the possibility of recharging tablets or mobile phones as well as the Wi-Fi connection.