Mudroom – must have amenity


Having 3 kids and JRT,  I definitely desire to have a mudroom. I hate those rainy days, when I have to wash messy paws or rain boots. Mudroom can be a fantastic place at your home not only if you have a big family. It doesn’t take much room, you have to just reorganized your home space and I think that the best place to do such amenity is entryway. 

Generally, a mud room has easily cleaned floors made in materials like tile, concrete, or linoleum but if you are really concerned about home design you can use even wood panel or epoxy floor. A well designed room also has ample hooks and racks for damp, wet clothing, as well as racks or cubbies for shoes. Don’t forget about bench especially for kids to sit on while they remove their shoes, and of course about dog shower!


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