Modular houses

A functional prefabricated modular home that comes delivered flat-packed and can be constructed on-site in just two days.

First one is  The Mini House 2.0, which was being designed in co-operation with the Swedish architectural studio Sommarnöjen.

Designed to withstand a diverse range of weather condition and climates, the Mini Houses can all be customized or adapted with the addition of extra modules.

The second one is the Bumati modular buildings. The modules were produced in a factory near Krakow in Poland, fitted out on a turn-key basis and then transported to the construction site on flat-bed trucks, where a crane offloaded them and correctly positioned them on previously cast foundations.

Modular houses can be constructed on a wide range of locations – slopes, edges of lakes, and even on the roofs of other buildings. Such buildings allow to  minimize interference with the existing ecosystem.