Modern mountain house in Austria

the barn 1

This wooden house is located in Alpine village, designed by Vienna collective Mostlikely. The designers wantes do create a building that would be suited to a modern family lifestyle, but that also wouldn’t look out of place amongst the traditional architecture of its locality in Kitzbühel, Austria.Rather than replicating the design of the local houses, they took the form of an old barn as the model for the house’s shape and appearance.  Named The Barn, the three-storey house comprises a base of bare concrete rather than brickwork, and a wooden upper section with a gently sloping roof that helps prevent a large build-up of snow. The architects collaborated with sculptor Stefan Buxbaum on the design of the concrete, using a corrosive chemical to engrave images of flowers and fishes into the surface to reference the “myths of the mountains”. Living and dining rooms occupy the middle floor of the building and include double-height spaces with views up to the exposed wooden roof beams. A wood-burning stove sits between the kitchen and dining room, while glass doors lead out a large balcony terrace. A metal staircase ascends to a top-floor mezzanine and descends to three bedrooms located on the ground floor.

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