Maison Escalier in Paris

Maison-Escalier 2

Maison Escalier (Stairs House) imagined and realized by Paris-based architects Jacques Moussafir. Fully glazed facade is dressed in a metallic second skin pattern plant that protects the privacy of the occupants.The facade is entirely glazed and outfitted with electronically controlled patterned steel shades that paint shadows on the interior when the sun filters through.

The core of the maison are the stair that leads to various living spaces. Through the integration of the stair, the whole of the house is an open floor plan. the only closed spaces are the bathrooms. Each floor introduces a different view of the core of the home, and each space introduces lots of natural light.

The interior of Maison Escalier is creatively designed with stark white-painted walls that contrast with rich, warm black locust wood floors and ceilings. The black locust wood also covers the central core walls and the staircase. Concrete boxes are installed on the existing walls to provide shelving throughout the house, and hints of lime green accent these boxes to give the interiors some diversity of color.

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