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Lamps that trick your mind

Designers from Studio Cheha, created amazing two dimensional BULBING lamps, that trick your mind. They uses flat 3D wire frame images and transfer them onto flat sheet of acrylic glass. When it’s switched on, it appears to be 3D. First version was very successful on Kickstarter and there is already new collection available. Now, meet DESKi, ZIGGi, and CLASSi. If you like, get them on Kickstarter …

Log lamps by Duncan Meerding

Australian furniture and light designer Duncan Meerding creates amazing lighting by use the naturally occuring cracks in logs. He has inserted warm yellow LEDs, that illuminate each piece of wood. Duncan Meeriding is blind and that why he is fascinated by unusual light sources, refering to his alternative sensory world. Each log can be used as a stool, table or floor lamp. Photos by Jan Dallas. …

Ikea’s wirlessly charging lamp

My last purchace – smart table lamp, called Riggad by IKEA. This is excately what I want – end of messy cables and searching for charger. Ikea just launched a series of products that enable charging smartphones wirelessly.

Functional Pocket Light

Pocekt Light is a very functional lamp, which is not much larger than a credit card and easily slips into pocket, ready to use in any situation. Because of its size can’t be supplied with battery  but gives enough light to be used in an emergency, for instance as a handy light for at-night car repairs or travel for a reading lamp.

Mono-Light by OS&OOS

Eindhoven studio OS & OOS has designed a modular lighting system – Mono -Light, joined by rubbery connectors that allow users to create sculptural installations.