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Giraffe Childcare Centre in Paris

This gigantic yellow giraffe puting out its heads out from the roof of this nursery and childcare centre in Paris has been designed by French studio Hondelatte Laporte Architectes.  The idea was to animate the urban landscape by using a child’s imagination. As well as the giraffe, the playgrounds feature a white bear and a parade of huge ladybirds, all constructed from concrete.

Disney cabinets for kids

Walt Disney is no needs to special introduction because everyone either kids or young or old, everyone knows Walt Disney. Canadian based studio Straightline Designs specialized in children furniture designed few crative pieces inspired by Disney characteres – the Mickey and Minnie Cabinets, the Donald Cabinet and the Goofy mirror.

Roll lounger, chair, mattress by Utzon Kids

Comfortable, cosy and fun, the Roll is versatility in itself – it rolls out into lots of playful shapes. So it’s great for developing the motor skills of active, imaginative kids. And because it is such a space-efficient design, it’s also perfect for busy mums and dads too.

Playon crayon

These sculptural crayons transform coloring into a playtime adventure. They’re still the go-to tool for your children to create fantastic, colorful pictures, but instead of the usual stick shape, they take the form of hollow cones with a bulbous end. Not only is the shape great for easy gripping by little hands, but the crayons are fun to stack into towers, or arrange into patterns.

Preschool building design

When most of today’s adults were children playgrounds were asphalt areas with basic motor play equipment of doubtful security and kindergartens were considered fair enough as long as they possessed enough room to accommodate the basic pre-school age activities like sleep, play, and dining. However, it has been clear for quite some time now design could be a part of a child’s education and a …

Creative mother book

Mother Book is a great idea for all expectant mothers who want to keep their pregnancy in memory. The Kishokai Medical Corporation with Dentsu created special book, that consists of 40 pages. Each page represents a new week of pregnancy. Therefore, the belly grows. In addition the expectant mothers can check on what stage of development the baby is and make some personal notes  in the book …

The stapelliege – stackable beds

Designed by Rolf Heide, these stackable beds are the ultimate in space saving design and practicality, making them the perfect addition for bedrooms, spare rooms, nurseries and even grandparents houses. Coming in a selection of bright colours, these beds are ideal for rooms that would benefit from that extra play space during the day. 

Memory Balloon Lights

Unique Balloon light suitable for ceiling use. Memory Balloon is a light inspired by memories of childhood and is perfect for a child’s room, nursery or anyone with a sense of fun! Available in eight glossy glass colours: red, green, orange, blue, turquoise, grey, yellow and opal. The Memory Ballon Light requires a standard bulb and comes with a ceiling plate which can be screwed into the …