Iron staircase in modern design apartment, Milan


This amazing house, located in Milan has been designed by Roberto Murgia and Valentina Ravara. The central piece of living room interior is an iron staircase.

This structural trusses connects open-planed living room with bedroom on the floor. Zig-zagging framework of staircase let the light comming through. What I like the most about this interior are hande-made cement tiles with hexagonal shapes cover the floor of the living room, extend upwards to line the rear wall of the kitchen area. I really love the colour – light grey blue with white but the shades differ slightly to add variation. Wooden shelves provide storage for a collection of books and ornaments. Wooden panels cover the floor upstairs. They are painted white which gives a modern look.  You can find here some disgn pieces as  a chair by Gaetano Pesce and an original Eames.


iron staircase milan

House-small-home-by-Roberto-Murgia-and-Valentina-Ravara_dezeen_ss_8 House-small-home-by-Roberto-Murgia-and-Valentina-Ravara_dezeen_ss_10 House-small-home-by-Roberto-Murgia-and-Valentina-Ravara_dezeen_ss_11 House-small-home-by-Roberto-Murgia-and-Valentina-Ravara_dezeen_ss_12