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Modern single family house by Barn Studio

This contemporary house designed  architecture firm Baran Studio for a family in North Oakland, California. This building conntects traditional design with very modern elements such as a roof.  It becomes a skin that is wrapped around the exterior. Wood and metal referes to industrial style but warm residential feel is preserved. The interior designis kept modern and simple but it is also very cozy.

Garden House, Toronto

Architectural firm LGA have designed the Garden House in Toronto, Canada. LGA employed a number of strategies to create a spacious interior that belies its small footprint and modest street elevation. They organized the open concept interiors by cleverly defining rooms without closing off most spaces.

El Mirador – amazing home in Mexico

CC Arquitectos have designed El Mirador, a single bedroom home located in Mexico. The project corresponds to surroundings – forest and lake area can be particularly appreciated. The materials used are from the region, also, railroad ties from old train tracks where recycled for the exterior of the pavilion.

Casa MM, Mexico

Casa MM located in Tapalpa, Mexico. This creative project is composed of two residences. Flexible use of space, and a desire to connect with the outdoors where key elements in the design of both houses.