Husk armchair for B&B Italia

Husk-armchair 7

Spanish born and Milan, Italy based furniture designer Patricia Urquiola designed an amazing colorful armchair set called HUSK for Italian furniture manufacturer B&B Italia. 

A hard shell in Hirek® and a series of soft cushions: these are the basic elements of the Husk armchair. Three typologies of cushion are available: standard, large and very large or with a headrest. A ottoman footrest is also available. Playing on the wide range of colours and finishes of the shell (in four-toned recycled plastic material), the swivel base-frame with four spokes (in black painted, brushed light oak or grey oak finish) and covers (numerous types of leather or fabric), Husk can radically change its appearance, from a single colour to an extremely bright or subtly elegant style.

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