How to design stunning micro apartment


The more space you have the more things you put into, but how about designing a very small apartment? There is definitely no place for things that you don’t need but it’s really possible to design very stylish, modern unclutterd space. Just look at the interior, designed by polish 3AX studio. This apartment,  located in Wroclaw, Poland is only 312 square feet (29 m2). The key to design a small space is make use of vertical space.Creating the second floor for bedroom frees up more living space. The storage space is hiden under the stairs. The entryway does have a low, plywood ceiling but also serves as a walk-in closet with gauzy curtains acting as easily managed closet doors. The small kitchen again makes use of the high ceilings with storage space going all the way up. The original front door is left in its naturally unfinished state and is one of the only indications as to the overall age of the apartment. Every square inch in this apartment is carefully considered and put to its best use.

bare-bulb-fixture-600x905  cozy-living-room1-600x397 creative-entryway-design-600x397

bare-bulb-fixture-600x905  black-light-fixtures  reclaimed-wooden-door-600x905 spindly-bar-chairs-600x397 under-stair-storage-600x397