How to design apartment for a family with small kids


Living with small kids requires compromise between the beauty, expensive interior decors and the needs of kids and functionality. Such apartment should offer both place for play not only in kids room, and a small area only for the parents. In family apartment should be enough place for well-equipped kitchen with large dining table. The adults area should be also well organized with plenty of  storage, making it easy to keep the area clean so that whoever is working there can focus. The centre of family living is always devided between the kitchen, dining area and the living room. To stand up with expectation of all, the main living area should be one big room, divided more by furniture and feel than by walls and doors. Last and the most important thing is to remember that living room is the place for all. This is both a place for adults to relax and for kids to enjoy. The best way to achive such design is to create simple, modern interior with neutral and clean furnishings including a funny pieces designed for kids.

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