Grey Loft in Prague


This amazing Gray Loft designed by OOOOX got modern look in an old, period building, located in Prague, Czech Republic. The apartment features a loft space that’s reached from the bedroom via a bent metal staircase. Above the bedroom is a sitting room with a sharp pitched roofline. Stainless steel is used for the island and for the appliances in the kitchen helping to reflect light in the space. Open shelving to make the kitchen appear more open and industrial.

Grey-Loft-OOOOX-1 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-2-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-3-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-4-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-5-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-6-600x397 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-8-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-9-600x904Grey-Loft-OOOOX-11-600x397 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-12-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-14-600x394 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-16-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-17-600x906 Grey-Loft-OOOOX-18-600x906