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Folding armchair by Elena Sidorova

Russian designer Elena Sidorova, has created Flop, an armchair that folds open and becomes a bed. The chair is upholstered in 100% wool, and features a hidden compartment within that hides away the mattress and pillow when not in use.

The Cut Chair by Peter Bristol

The Cut Chair is an amazing project by Peter Bristol.  It gives an optical illusion that it has just been magically sliced apart and there is no possibilty to take a comfortable sit, but  under thick carpet is placed special plate that “support” seat.  

Wallpapering by Dear Human

I really like unconventional home decors. This time I’d like to present Wallpapering by Dear Human – Vancouver-based design studio.  This eco wallpaper is made of recycled paper and ceramic tiles.

Smart bookshelf by Collen&Eric

Simple is the best. This minimalist bookshelf designed by  Brooklyn-based designers Colleen & Eric comes in Beech, Walnut and Oak. It is calles Hold on Tight due to smart bookend that can be moved to fit different numbers of books. 

Analog Memory Desk

The Analog Memory Desk is an excellent desk concept imagined by designer Kristen Camara, including a scrolling roll of paper, to keep track of all your ideas, sketches, scribbles and doodles! You will just need to turn the cranks when you have no more empty space to continue drawing.

Sleeping under stars in Cosmos Bed

Sleeping under the stars at home can be possible in the near future due to Saint Petersburg-based designer Natalia Rumyantseva. She has created Cosmos Bed, still in prototype stages, from white fiberglass that mimics not just the twinkling night sky, but the sounds and even the smells of a beautiful evening outdoors.

Modular Cityscapes carpet by ALLT Studio

Cityscapes is a flooring concept by Slovakian design studio ALLT. A Cityscapes carpet is made up of 40 identical felt modular tiles that can be arranged in a number of ways to fit all sorts of flooring spaces. Each module is made up of 4 diamond shapes divided by indented lines which look identical to the grooves that exist between tiles to create a seamless look.

DecksTop Table made from old skateboards

At first glance that a table doesn’t catch attention. However, the material from which it was made is special. The table is made from old skateboards collected from local skate stores and factories all around Europe. Each piece is unique and dependent on the available skateboards that have been collected. Focused is a company that specialises in producing furniture from worn out skateboards

Tafelwip – table with playful seating

Dutch designer Marleen Jansen encourages good table manners with her project ‘De Tafelwip’. The fun and fanciful table features a see-saw seating that allows a little playfulness at the table while also making sure your partner will not thoughtlessly leave the table as in that case, you’ll end up on the floor. A nice project that revives our good breeding, reminding us, that cell phones, TV and …