El Mirador – amazing home in Mexico

el mirador 1

CC Arquitectos have designed El Mirador, a single bedroom home located in Mexico. The project corresponds to surroundings – forest and lake area can be particularly appreciated. The materials used are from the region, also, railroad ties from old train tracks where recycled for the exterior of the pavilion.The structure is a combination of steel and wooden beams, and the retaining walls are made out of stones from the area.A family room that connects to the exterior, allowing the expansion of the social area to the main terrace. It has one bedroom with its own private bathroom. The kitchen has a large island in the middle with a countertop made of slate that allows it to also have the use of a dining table and a workspace. The main access collides with a large body of water that is parallel to a drinking space for horses, while a low wall made of wooden railroad ties discretely hides the area so cars may be parked and appear to be isolated from the construction.

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