Ecological green screen house


This contemporary single house has been designed by Hideo Kumaki Architects office. The green screen which is lained in front of building is really amazing and has some very important functions – for the sun protection and for outer dinning between July and the end of October. It also allowes to avoid too much expense for electric energy by air condition. Actually 10 degrees difference was confirmed in the outside and the inside of green screen. Designer examined a planting position and walls so that wind fells out from the southwest site to the northeast area. The wind takes in the room if any winodow of the garden side is opened. 004-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki

006-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 008-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 009-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 010-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki




002-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 003-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 007-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki012-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki 013-green-screen-house-hideo-kumaki