East London House extension by David Mikhail Architects

east london house 2

London studio David Mikhail Architects has renovated a nineteenth-century house in London and added a glazed kitchen and dining room.

A larch-framed glass box that stretches along the rear elevation was added to create an open-plan kitchen and dining room at the lowest ground floor level. This room is double-height on one side to accommodate a staircase and mezzanine library.

In front of the library is the original grand staircase, which winds up between the upper ground floor and first floor of the house. Previously there were no corridors beside this stair, but now residents can walk around it to reach the new rooms beyond.

One of these corridors leads to the north-east corner of the building. The architects extended this space to add an extra metre in length, creating a top-lit window.

As well as using Siberian larch, the architects specified pale brickwork for both interior and exterior walls. Doors and windows are framed by chunky timber surrounds, while balustrades are made from bronze.

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