Driftwood horse sculpture

driftwood horses 1

This amazing sculptures are created by  British artist James Doran Webb.

James has amassed an extensive collection of driftwood, varying in size and form from small pieces to large natural sculptures, each piece hewn by natural forces into a myriad of individual shapes.  The wood is found along the shorelines and riverbeds of the archipelago and is from a number of indigenous species, all dense enough to withstand years and years of exposure to both extreme tropical climate and intense frosts.

James started to design driftwood furniture in the early 2000’s and it was while playing with the various natural forms that he was drawn to experiment with his first driftwood animal sculpture.  His large supply of wood has made it possible for him to find the pieces which most lend themselves to the natural form and shape needed to give his animals the movement and reality he strives to obtain in every piece he creates.

His largest public work to date is a series of 3 galloping life size thoroughbreds that are now racing through the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

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