If I won a lottery, my dream home would have:

 1. Bedroom with amazing view

amazing bedroom view

2. Trampoline in garden
backyard trampoline

3. Dog shower
dog shower

4. Enchanted garden
enchanted castle

5. Outdoor fireplace

6. Leisure space

7. Indoor slide
indoor slide

8. Kitchen wine station
kitchen wine station

9. Laundry room
loundry room

10. Multiple shower head system
multiple shower head system

11. Outdoor bathtub
outdoor bathtub

12. Pantry

13. Roofdeck

14. Shoe closet
shoe closet

15. Skylight window
skylight window

16. Sliding door/window and terrace
sliding window

17. Huge library
spacious library

18. Mudroom
spacious mudroom

19. Spectacular staircase classy or …
spectacular staircase classy

spectacular staircase modern

20. Stained glass door or window
stained glass window

21. Swimming-pool
swimming pool

22. Swimming pool movie theather
swimming pool movie theather

23. Tree in the livingroom
tree in home

24. Window seat bed
window seat bed

25. Wine cellar
wine storage

26. Yard orb
yard orb