Double O Bike Light


This Double O Bike Light utilizes neodymium-grade magnets to make it easy to attach and remove. Polycarbonate mounts hold the light in place while you ride, and simply snap the lights off the mounts when you’ve reached your destination. 

Plus, the ‘O’ shape allows you to thread the lights on your bike lock for storage- no need to carry them with you. And you know how some bike lights are almost too bright? The Double O uses less bright LEDs but more of them to make sure the emitted light is bright enough but won’t blind drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

Designed by Paul Cocksedge + Paul Cocksedge Studio™

-attach magnetically
-3 light modes (steady, flashing, eco)
-polycarbonate mounts
-charge with USB
-lock to your bike

double_O_bike_light_3 Double-O-bicycle-lights-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_12