Domsai by Matteo Cibic

domsai 1

Harmless cactus planter with white legs and a transparent head. They’re called Domsai, a play on the words domeand bonsai, and they’re designed to house small plants inside, such as these adorable cacti.

Domsai was created by Italian Matteo Cibic, who describes it as a “desktop tamagochi”. Just as you must care for a virtual pet so it won’t die, you must also take responsibility for those plants growing on your desk.

Each cactus planter is hand-made and has a different shape. The glass domes are also hand-made, and each one looks different: pointy, rounded, oval shaped… that way you can have a grouping of cacti, each with its own personality.

domsai 4 domsai 5