Contrast house in Toronto

contrast house canada 1

Contrast house, situated in Toronto has been designed by Description by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design and is modern renewal of a 120-year old home. The main task was to bring more light into. This narrow house was only 11 feet wide and had no direct sight lines to allow outward views and access to light. The rear of the house has been updateted by new expanded openings. This home is stacked vertically. There are 3 floors. Due to porous stairs, the flow of flight has been improved. Full height windows at the top, allows light to come in and brighten up all interior. The main decor idea is a contrast.  It is used  ‘brighten’ internal spaces without direct access to natural light. Contrasting elements are placed in proximity to visually intensify the natural light spilling down from the large openings above. Each floor is defined by black element – black bookcase on the ground floor or a chalk board on the second floor.The  combination with  walnut floors and white walls and ceilings, create contrast to produce an intensified effect.

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