Chantilly lamps by Moustache

French company Moustache has launched a new collection of furnitures and objectsdesigned by regular designers François Azambourg, Inga Sempé, Big-Game, Ionna Vautrin, Benjamin Graindorge, Sébastien Cordoléani, Dylan Martorell and has revealed the firsts products issued from their new collaborations with Bertjan Pot, Constance Guisset and Jean-Baptiste Fastrez.

I like the most Chantilly lamps  series. The Chantilly lamps by Constance Guisset create complex volumes based on a highly simple yet ingenious system of folds.  Delivered flat, the lampshade takes shape in the single closure movement required to assemble it. Small, large or to be suspended, the Chantilly lamps follow the delicious movement of the icemaker’s siphon and enhance it through the use of subtle colours, fold by fold. Chantilly-Lamp1-640x728 Chantilly-Lamp1-640x729 Chantilly-Lamp1-640x732