Bird paper sculptures by Diana Beltra Herrera

paper bird 6

This awesome paper sculptures are made by Diana Beltran Herrera. The works are completely made of paper and feature local bird species.

DIANA BELTRAN HERRERA  is a designer and artist that has been working over the past years with paper as the primary medium in the production of her work. After graduating from her BA degree in industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in 2010, Herrera realized that she wasn’t interested in pursuing a design practice as a life career, as she was more interested in the theories of understanding of nature and material as an element that exist around us and is present in an everyday routine. Trough her practice in sculpture, Herrera has is been representing corporality in movement trough her extensive work with birds.

paper bird 1 paper bird 2 paper bird 3 paper bird 4 paper bird 5 paper bird 7 paper bird 8 paper bird 9 paper bird 10 paper bird 11 paper bird 12 paper bird 13 paper bird 14 paper bird 15