Thermal Park Austria

Recently  I’ve written about an interesting project – Earth House, the residential settlement, that consists of nine houses, located in Switzerland. Very similar atmosphere gives project of Spa Therme Blumau, designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

It is a luxury spa, kept in a fairytale atmosphere. The buildings are spread over a large green open space, like an unusual huts in the village. Surrounded by a sea of green and combined with winding paths are an ideal place to relax. The colourful façade of this unique building creates just the right holiday mood. The golden dome of this house is a typical feature of Hundertwasser’s architecture and brings luck to our guests.

Rogner_Bad_Blumau_2 Rogner_Bad_Blumau_5 Rogner_Bad_Blumau_1Rogner_Bad_Blumau_5  spa-hotel_1 spa-hotel_2 spa-hotel_4 spa-hotel_5 spa-hotel_feeldesain_3