Amazing small apartemt with great storage possibilities

odessa 1

One of the problem of highy  populated and fashionable city district is the raising costs of property by the square meter. Young people often deal with problem – living in suburbs and having large livings space or just stay in city center and occupy small apartement. Denis Svirid, Ukrainian designer has formed in answer to cramped situation amazing apartemnt with timber walls and snug storage cubbies in Odessa.

The kitchen, dining room and living room were unit into one modest open plan area of around 11 square meters after the removal of the existing kitchen wall. An under stair area has been greatly utilized as a handy home office zone, along with an abundance of great storage opportunities.

A dressing room, bedroom and bathroom fill the added floor area beneath the slopes. The decision to create a mansard level in the house was made by the architects based on being an easier and cheaper way to attain reconstruction approval, and all of the planning solutions for this home came about in answer to the restricted dimensions of the location.

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