A modern single house near Barcelona


The modern single family house is situated in the Vallvidrera neighborhood, a residential area with views overlooking the city of Barcelona, surrounded by the Collserola natural park, in a very sloped and small plot situated between a valley and a pine forest.

The objectives of the project were to get the maximum possible building area within a tight budget and an optimized orientation of all openings while protecting the privacy of the owners. To achive this, YLAB Architetcs designed single cube with compact three level volume. The geometry arises directly from the plot and  slope.

The entrance level is composed by the first dormitory, the bath and the kitchen with a dining room area. The kitchen is in a double height space with two large windows that offer the best views over the valley. In the upper level there is the master bedroom and its bath, both oriented to the pine forest at the back side of the plot. The semi-buried lower floor is formed by the technical and storage rooms, a living room and a studio both with access to the garden.The exterior spaces are formed by two terraces and the sloped areas have been modeled forming triangulated ramps. Pavements are made in multi- colored slat, typical of this area, using long narrow tiles for the plane zones, and smaller irregular pieces on sloping ones.

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